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Providing Medicine Hat with Project and Construction Management

For complicated projects and renovations requiring multiple contractors and teams working towards various tasks, a project manager is necessary to make all the pieces fit into place without friction. Big construction jobs, on the other hand, necessitate construction management. For project and construction management in Medicine Hat and area, development firms have trusted Goehring Construction Ltd for over 25 years.

Project Management

A project manager is a trusted construction partner that handles every detail of your build and is responsible for its success: they provide you with a single point of contact to update you about the assignment’s progress while overseeing the entire operation. From obtaining all necessary permits to reviewing the final touches, our experienced construction superintendent works closely with every team involved to ensure our goals for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality are being met for the client. While others may try to pass the buck, our project manager keeps us accountable to you, so we deliver on-time and on-budget.

Construction Management

For many developers, having control over selecting individual contractors is a major concern in any construction project. Goehring Construction allows you the flexibility of using specific teams by providing you with construction management services to helm the operation. Our managers can assume a range of duties, from site selection and permit acquisition to on-site coordination and quality control. We’re able to adapt our workflow to meet your precise needs with customized solutions that keep you involved at any stage. The assigned manager serves as your on-site representative and point-of contact for assembling everything for an efficient build, including documents, accounting, and materials.



Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. Managers are necessary to meet the client’s requirements in order to keep the build viable. They bring professional expertise to cost estimating, systems analysis, value engineering, constructability reviewing, activity scheduling, staff and materials procurement, construction coordination, and supervision.


There are distinct advantages to hiring a construction manager instead of a general contractor. In summation:

  1. A construction manager orchestrates the bidding of individual bid packages to enable faster construction. The earliest possible starting and completion dates are obtainable due to phased construction.

  2. The owner’s objectives are aligned with those of the construction manager. The owner, architect, and construction manager work together towards the project's success, thereby avoiding the animosity attributed to other contract formats.

  3. The construction manager protects the owner’s interests with subcontractors throughout the construction process.

  4. The owner maximizes the use of his construction dollar due to the cost input during the design phase

  5. Pre-purchasing of long lead items is made available to prevent delays in the construction phase.

  6. The construction manager troubleshoots the design to prevent change orders and redesign. The construction manager checks constructability and construction methodologies.

  7. It is possible to redesign certain portions of the project without affecting the schedule during construction.

  8. Price checks by the construction manager throughout the design phase keep the project on budget and on schedule.

  9. The construction manager schedules and administrates the bid process.

  10. The construction manager works on a fixed fee, with all of the construction savings being returned to the owner.

  11. There is input on costs, materials, and scheduling throughout the design phase. The owner is best positioned to make good design decisions with accurate and timely information through the preconstruction involvement of the construction manager.

  12. The owner is afforded an open-book to job costs and billed actual costs rather than an estimate of costs.

  13. Change orders are virtually eliminated.

  14. Bids are received from a select list of prequalified and/or preselected subcontractors, giving the owner the benefit of selected qualified companies.

  15. Costs are paid for after they are incurred.

  16. The requirement for bonding can be eliminated.

  17. The overall project costs are lowered.


The best construction managers bring years of experience to a project. Trust Goehring Construction for a professional portfolio of client satisfaction spanning over 25 years.



Call 403-527-6884 for construction management to oversee your building projects.

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