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Your Medicine Hat Design-Build Construction Firm

With so many construction companies to choose from, how do you find the right professionals to handle the engineering, plumbing, electrical, interior and exterior construction, and other work necessary for your build in a timely, budgetary manner? The answer is simple: let Goehring Construction Ltd provide you with all-in-one design-build services that encompass everything you need to make your project a success. We’ve worked on everything from commercial strip malls to residential renovations, delivering satisfaction through a stress-free and one-stop solution.

Planning for a Perfect Build

You’ll notice our construction expertise from the first planning session as we work with your existing design and get to work on solving potential problem areas. Our detail-oriented approach ensures that every issue is addressed before we start building, so your infrastructure remains completely sound. From planning to completion, we work to deliver results and not excuses.

What is design-build?

Our design-build approach reduces stress, time, and cost from construction processes by circumventing the traditional design-bid-build approach. The latter requires finding and paying an architect and a designer to develop plans, without knowing how much their suggested build will cost in advance. Then you have to determine which rival contractors to hire on as they enter a bidding war to offer you a cheap enough price to complete your construction as they waste your time. By the time you’ve found contractors for each separate job, a conflict between the parties is almost always assured. With no single party responsible for your overall satisfaction, your expectations will probably go unrealized.



Design-build is simpler because from start to finish, you’re working with one company. It reduces misunderstandings and conflicts, improves communication, and keeps the project running efficiently. Our design and construction teams collaborate to realize your building goals on-budget and on-time. The delay time between the design and building phases is minimized, as is confusion over who can offer an acceptable price for realizing the plans. We always have in-house engineers ready to resolve the inevitable questions from other contractors that arise and to perform inspections when city inspectors are unavailable.


If you’ve dealt with construction companies that run over-budget and let deadlines slip away, then you know incompetence is costly and frustrating. Trust Goehring Construction for simple design-build solutions.



Call 403-527-6884 for all-in-one design-build construction.

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